TOX - Protected messenger got to the Alpha version (For all platforms)

    Recently, a very important event in the field of secure communications and instant messengers was the Tox project.
    He set himself the task of replacing Skype and now he has reached the Alpha version.

    I want to draw your attention, the alpha version means that more than 90% of the functions work on all OS at the same time:
    - Audio calls
    - Video calls
    - File transfers
    - TCP Relay
    - DNS Name discovery
    - Group chats

    Tox developers decided to choose the best client from the set and call its official, so became uTox ( )

    You can download it from the official site of the project -

    View all other clients here
    The version for Android is here (pre-alpha)

    DNS Discovery

    But besides the release of the alpha version, another event happened - a standard was approved and implemented that allows you not to remember long TOX IDs - DNS Discovery.
    Thus, you can register your address ie, by analogy with the mail.

    Technical specifications are described here

    And you can try this service here - /

    Already, Tox works fine through several firewalls and can do a lot, but it's only alpha ...

    Official blog

    post Customer comparison table (maybe not very relevant)

    You can vote for the development of the plug-in for Miranda-NG

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you think that in the future, in highly developed countries, blocking free software that is protected from wiretapping (for example, Tox) will be blocked?

    • 76.9% Yes, there will be 2040
    • 23% No, they will not be 610

    In your opinion, in which country or union of countries will Tox be blocked first?

    • 2.8% European Union 82
    • 1.5% England 46
    • 17.9% US 516
    • 2.8% Customs Union 83
    • 31% Russia 893
    • 39% China 1124
    • 1.5% Belarus 45
    • 0.8% Kazakhstan 25
    • 0% Canada 1
    • 2.1% Other 62

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