Geek cafe overview: Solder, Klütch, Gagarin and others

    Midsummer and heat are not conducive to thoughtful work, especially in megacities. I want to either wallow in the shade, or ... wallow in the shade. True, Novosibirsk would now argue with this thesis, but they simply had no luck. Still, in the whole country, the summer turned out to be classic. And if you have not been on vacation, now is the time.

    For all vacationers to help, we have already picked up useful mobile applications and all sorts of interesting gadgetsso that your vacation is more fun and exciting. Now we want to offer you a small selection of cafes that will appeal to all true IT people and workers. All sorts of beaches, excursions and corrupting the body and soul of all inclusive - a good thing, but still commonplace. So if you will be traveling in some corners of the planet, take a look at the cafes and restaurants selected by us. And then write down whether you liked it.


    Address: Moscow, st. Begovaya, 2

    This cafe should appeal to everyone who is friends with a soldering iron. The entire ceiling in the medium-sized room is glued with motherboards with multi-colored flickering LEDs.

    A stylish combination of red armchairs and black tables, exhaust sleeves over some tables, warning coloring of columns, soothing color wallpapers are a real men's cafe.

    Prices are average. The music is quite poppy, but in moderation. Wi-Fi is, but unprotected. Directly from the cafe there is an entrance to the Chip & Dip store, so you can combine business with pleasure. Pretty nice place, immediately setting up for business.


    Address: St. Petersburg, st. Chekhova, 3

    This place positions itself as an IT-bar, as well as a post-internet club. In fact, this is a cafe with a bias in coworking. And before it was an anti-cafe - a fee was taken during the stay.

    The design of the hall as it hints that the target audience is IT people and generally all kinds of geeks. But this is not even the main thing. The most interesting thing in this cafe is the regular holding of various IT lectures, seminars and master classes. In our opinion, the word “club” will be much more appropriate in describing Klütch than “cafe” or “bar”.


    Address: Nizhny Novgorod, Youth Avenue, 12A

    The interior of the institution is designed in the style of a la spaceship: steel, rivets, starry sky, photos of astronauts. True, there are no entourage objects associated with space. The food here is without frills. By the way, it would be very original if the menu had at least a couple of dishes in tubes, as for astronauts. They say that they want to implement this idea in Tyumen, in a restaurant under construction.

    The situation with a geek cafe abroad is much better, although there they are not abundant. We picked up some interesting options that could well be used as ideas for creating analogues in Russian cities.

    Foonzo (Canada)

    Address: 1245 Rue Drummond, Montréal, QC H3G 1V8, Canada

    Black and red colors, angular furniture, a half-dark ceiling and several slot machines and televisions with game consoles. Great place to sit with friends or work. A bit gloomy, but it's a matter of taste.

    Miracle of Science (USA)

    Address: 321 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States

    By modern standards, this is an old institution that opened in 1991. The menu here is written on the board in the form of a periodic system of elements. Peaceful place with excellent cuisine. Due to the location of the institution, its main customers are scientists and students. The American version of the "scientific" pub.

    Hajime (Thailand)

    Address: 3 / F, Monopoly Park, 59/27 Rama 3 Rd., Thailand The

    usual restaurant with traditional Thai cuisine, but with robot waiters. Visitors choose dishes on the touch screens, and electronic makers in the form of Japanese warriors deliver orders to tables. Also, robots automatically take away empty dishes from the tables.

    Barcade (USA)

    Address: 388 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States

    Bar-cafe, lined with existing slot machines. Once it was the main entertainment of youth, and now machines have become an attribute of nostalgia for geeks. Relentless gait of progress.

    By the way, in Moscow there is a place called the Museum of Soviet gaming machines(m.Baumanskaya). Here are collected a variety of machines from our childhood, and almost all the operating ones, and you can play them. To do this, buy Soviet coins from the bartender. Even there are vending machines with soda, seasoned, according to the owners, with authentic lemonade, which they buy in Chernogolovka (it seems). True, this is still not a cafe, although there you can buy tea / coffee / cookies / milkshake. But if they expand the assortment of drinks and products, then a full geek establishment should be obtained.

    Inamo (UK)

    Address: 134-136 Wardour St, London W1F 8ZP, United Kingdom

    This cafe uses a very interesting food ordering system. Above each table is a projector and a camera that recognizes gestures. Visitors can “flip” the menu displayed directly on the surface of the table and plates. Here you can immediately see the large photos, price and description. Moreover, both visitors can work with this virtual menu at the same time.

    8bit cafe (Japan)

    Address: Japan, 〒160-0022 Tokyo, Shinjuku, 3−8−9, 新宿 Q ビ ル 5F

    A simple institution, the main "chip" of which is a very large collection of 8- and 16-bit games for old television set-top boxes. Naturally, all this magnificence can be played right there.

    And these are the components of the local Dr.Mario cocktail. To be honest, it looks creepy.

    That's all. If you know in your city some cafe with an interior for real geeks, write about it in the comments.

    A small announcement: we also plan to do a similar review of coworking. After all, not everyone likes to work in cafes and parks, and for a group this is not an option at all. Follow our publications.

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