The revolution has begun. Today started selling the commercial version of the Oculus Rift and 30 games

    Years of waiting left behind. Today, March 28, 2016, sales of the Oculus Rift virtual reality helmet for the price of $ 599 have finally officially begun . On the first day of sales, 30 games of various genres are available, ranging from $ 10 to $ 60. And this is only the beginning: by the end of the year there will be at least another hundred games.

    List of games (03/28/2016 g)

    Announcement of some future games

    The new content will appear in the Oculus Home catalog - the catalog is also available through the desktop PC application.

    Yesterday, Oculus founder Palmer Lucky (Palmer Luckey) personally delivered a copy of the Rift to the first buyer . The 23-year-old programmer from Anchorage surpassed everyone by issuing a pre-order in early January of this year.

    Oculus Rift is the first of three revolutionary virtual reality helmets that will hit the market this year. Soon after him should appear on the market HTC Vive and Sony Playstation VR.

    March 28, 2016 - Day 1 in the new era for the gaming industry and all of humanity. Perhaps virtual reality will change our lives even more than smartphones. We can expect a revolution in e-commerce, real estate business, television, film, tourism, education and, of course, in porn . Huge money is

    now being invested in virtual reality technology , almost as much as in NASA's space programs. In the last quarter alone, 42 VR and AR startups were funded for a total of $ 230 million.

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