Bush inadvertently publishes an atomic bomb manufacturing manual online

    US intelligence agencies have closed access to the site on which the documents of Saddam Hussein’s regime seized in Iraq were posted, RIA Novosti reported . Motive - information could serve as a guide for the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

    Surprisingly, the publication of these documents was initially authorized. Republican congressmen insisted on sharing files. The US intelligence then opposed, but President George W. Bush supported the initiative of Congress, and in March 2006 the office of the director of the National Intelligence declassified millions of pages in Arabic.

    Now the same office has suspended access to the site because it was reported that the Bush administration had inadvertently published instructions for making an atomic bomb. “Despite the fact that the placement of materials had strict selection criteria, the materials already posted, as well as those that are supposed to be placed, will be carefully examined before the site resumes work,” said a statement by Chad Colton, director of public relations US National Intelligence.

    Meanwhile, the New York Times, referring to its sources, suggests that the placement of these particular materials helped Iran create nuclear weapons. Other experts argue, however, that the Iranian nuclear program was at an advanced stage already in the spring and summer of last year - that is, before the publication of Arab materials. At the same time, they note that the materials could be used by terrorists.

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