Downloadable WordPress 4.0 Beta 1

Original author: Helen Hou-Sandi
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WordPress 4.0 Beta 1 is available for download!

The official release is scheduled for late August this year.

The new release has a new interface for searching and installing plugins, the library interface has improved. Also, a choice of language appeared during installation. The editor of records has significantly improved: a preview of embedded media files in the editor, such as video, and an extension of the editor window has been added. These and other improvements are more detailed under the cut. Discussion in the comments is also welcome.

How to try?

To test WordPress 4.0 Beta 1, you can install the Beta Tester plugin or download the distribution here .

What updates await us?

  • Preview embedded objects . As you know, WordPress supports embedding objects from third-party services. For example, we all know how to embed a YouTube video. But I always had to check how it would look in the record viewing mode. Now the embedded object will be loaded in the visual editor.
  • Improved work with the media library. The music library has not changed for several years. This has not changed even the responsive design of the WordPress admin panel. Now the developers got to her. She will have a grid view and will work on Ajax, that is, without reloading pages.
  • Changes in installing plugins. Similarly to the library, the design has improved in the installation of plugins from the wordpress repository. More information about plugins. The interface is built on a card approach. What can I say, it turned out much more informative.
  • When installing a new blog, there is a choice of the installation language . Not a significant change for me. Anyway, I put the Russian version, so as not to drag extra translation files. I wonder if they will be put automatically or not.
  • Automatically scroll editor. When writing a long post in the WP editor, it was insanely annoying that you had to raise the screen cursor up to use one button or another. Now this problem is solved, although it still requires testing. Some browsers write that there are glitches.
  • Updating the configuration of topics A large number of settings always scare the user. In order not to overload the user with unnecessary settings in the configurator, widgets are placed in a separate panel

Found a bug?

Naturally, there will be errors in beta, and this is beta. Putting it on production is highly discouraged. If you find a bug, then report it to the developers through the beta testing forum .

In the comments I suggest to share impressions of WP 4.0

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