Android game development


    Hello! Our publishing house has just published a book called “Game Development for Android” by JF DiMarzio, also known as “Android Game Recipes” . As the name implies, this compact edition is not only a step-by-step guide for those who are just about to start writing games for Android, but also a full-fledged cookbook, with solutions to problems and answers to common questions. It is worth noting that the book is written as an assistant in solving specific issues and scenarios in the development process of the game, and implies the acquaintance of the reader with Java.

    A look at the chapters, code and pictures allows you to make sure that there are ready-made solutions:

    • design of the game menu
    • collision detection
    • movement of characters and background
    • working with device sensors
    • processing user input data
    • preparing graphics for different screen resolutions, and much more.

    The book describes in detail what frameworks are needed to get started, what basic concepts you need to operate in game development, what skills you would like to have, how Android works and interacts with OpenGL ES.

    Some information about the author and technical reviewer:

    J. F. Di Marzio is an experienced Android author and developer. He began creating games in the Basic language on the TRS-80 Color Computer II back in 1984. Since then, Di Marzio has worked in technology departments of associations such as the US Department of Defense and the Walt Disney Company. He has been developing on the Android platform since the release of beta version 0.03. Two professional applications and one game have already been published on the Android Market.

    Jim Graham earned a BS in electronics with a degree in telecommunications from Texas A & M and a '88 degree in 1989. His work was published in the 1988 edition of ICA Communique (Fast Packet Switching: An Overview of Theory and Performance). Jim worked as a network engineer at Design Group Network at Amoco Corporation in Chicago, Illinois, a senior network engineer at Tybrin Corporation in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and as a systems analyst at 16th Special Operations Wing Intelligence and HQ US Air Force Special Operations Command Intelligence at Hurlburt Field, Florida. He received the official diploma of the 16th Special Operations Wing Intelligence on December 18, 2001.

    It is possible to buy a book in electronic form (EBUP and PDF) and paper with Habroskidkoy 10% couponf0d2f161 on the website of the publisher .

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