Welcome to GeekFest Night July 26th

    Hello! We have news for Irkutsk citizens and other Siberians: on the night of July 26-27, in Irkutsk, in the KwakInn cafe, the third annual GeekFest Night will be held . At this nightly event, everyone will be able to meet like-minded people, assemble a spontaneous team and develop a project for everyone to envy. Every developer and programmer dreams of implementing certain ideas. Only this usually has no time. So on the last weekend of July you will have a great opportunity to realize your plans, try new technologies for yourself, or just have fun for the soul.

    In the morning, the results will be summarized and finished projects will be presented, from which the participants themselves will choose the best. Winners will receive approval, respect and something inexpensive, but enjoyable. There are several honorable nominations, which the organizers are still silent about. But there will definitely be rewards, and not only from us. :)

    Information on previous GeekFest Night with photos and videos is here:

    Come, come, fly. Why not? You only live once!

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