How to quickly ruin any project? 17 top bad tips

    A lot of articles and stories about how to build or organize. And bad advice, about how to destroy something, is undeservedly deprived of attention, although deliberately used in every company.

    How many clearly evil practices do you have? If only a part of those listed below, then you can slip this little article to your boss and it will become faster to understand where everything is moving.
    Bad advice is very helpful!

    All tips are selected from observations. We make a project management system and I communicate with companies about the transition to our development. There are always difficulties in implementation and they are often associated with the use of the harmful tips listed below.

    And yes, I also propose to arrange a survey on what harmful tips are used in your company.. There are 10 questions with options. After passing the statistics is visible on all respondents.

    1. Do not build processes and do not describe them, everything will develop itself.

    The thoughtful mechanism of the organization’s work is for wimps. A good leader keeps everything in his head and distributes commands in time. People in the company must be strong and understand themselves when and what to do. Processes either do not help, or are not needed.

    2. Do not take risks, do only what is 100% verified.

    Risk is a dangerous thing and should not be dealt with at work. You are not a sapper! Implement only what is 100% justified before implementation. Any changes can make it worse, because you somehow have survived to this day without it all. Risk is not about management.

    3. Offer as many new ideas as you can. Suddenly something will drop.

    If a project has begun, then it is worth issuing as many ideas as possible and requiring their verification. No one knows how to, so you need to check everything. And then, the one who offers ideas always looks like a real specialist.

    4. You do not talk about the general tasks and goals of the project, it is not interesting to anyone.

    Everyone should know only their own piece of work. The designer must do the design, and the programmer must write the code. Excess information will only interfere. You do not prepare erudites for the game PGA? Do not tell about the overall picture of the project. And there is no need to do processes in which this picture is always clear - it is generally very dangerous, they can go and open their own company.

    5. Do not think that you work in a team. People work for money.

    It’s really worth looking at your team - these are mercenaries for money, there is no team here. Company's mission? But who needs it! You do not make the best sneakers in the world. All gathered for salaries and bonuses. Obviously, if tomorrow there is no salary, then no one will come.

    6. Keep in mind that you are working mediocrity.

    Yes, yes, have you already noticed that you can not even cope with simple tasks? Constantly delaying the deadlines or do not do what they need. If it were not for your team, you would have already lived in the Maldives. Ideas you have faithful! You are just unlucky and you are working mediocrity. Consider this when making decisions.

    7. Do not invite outside experts. Everything is born inside.

    A specialist from the outside is expensive and annoying. He can tell you unpleasant things for your money. He does not know your business as you know him and will offer to change something. Trainers, consultants, specialists - evil. If you really need something, it can be done by internal forces.

    8. Hold on until it breaks.

    You have a strong position, you are the leader in the company. You can easily live a salary officer, and a contractor under the conditions. You're not a rag, why agree on a starting offer, even if it is reasonable. If at the very beginning it was good, then it can only be better. Bargaining is always appropriate and with everyone, and some generally can not pay, they also get invaluable experience.

    9. Move in small steps on the spot.

    If you really had to implement something, then try to break up the changes into small stages. This is exactly the right approach. Even nowadays, fashionable flexible methodologies suggest moving in stages. Crushing tasks is worth smaller and starting with not the most important areas. Try to change while keeping everything as it is.

    10. Postpone if you can postpone.

    Yes, there are system problems in the company, but they can be postponed. There will be another time and then take a separate project manager. In the meantime, engineers cope without any control systems. In general, crutches in a company are normal, you are not writing code, regular refactoring is not about organization.

    11. Full control, tight deadlines.

    Deadlines are always and everywhere needed. It happens that delay. But it's scary to even imagine what can happen if you do not put deadlines and remove tight controls and checks. Deadline is the main resource management tool, you need to apply it as often as possible. No deadline - no task.

    12. Divide and conquer.

    "Department" - from the word "separate". The processes of interaction between departments - this is unnecessary. Sales must sell, and development must develop. Why should they interact at all? Why should vendors systematically learn about what has been done in development, and developers about how much and what is sold. This is definitely left for the smoking room, and people will have nothing to talk about during the breaks.

    13. Save on yourself. The office is cheaper and free software.

    If something can be free, it is worth taking it. To pay for something is generally useless, you can always find a free equivalent. Competitors hire a tutor in English in the office, but you can just put a free video tutorial. And paid software is quite strange, because there really is always a free alternative.

    14. Try not to change yourself.

    You are in a good position, you already know a lot and so far everything is working for you. Not as I would like, but it works. When introducing something new, you personally can certainly continue the old way. Have you implemented Agile behind the wall? It's okay, just ask for deadlines for all tasks.

    And some more harmful advice in the form of poetic

    15. Hurry up, panic

    If again in your company,
    All work calmly -
    Apparently someone is resting,
    And maybe all at once.
    Go to the office more often
    And from the doorway shout to everyone:
    “Come on, quickly get to work!”
    It’s better to repeat twice.

    Looking into Vasya’s computer,
    Not understanding what is open there,
    Loudly, clearly repeat:
    “Everything is on fire, work is running!”
    Then of course everyone rushes,
    Type of worker will create.
    You calmly walk away,
    Smiling to yourself.

    16. Sit nearby, if Peter took up the design.

    If an important task.
    The designer has fallen,
    Stand nearby and watch -
    And they will not allow marriage.
    Maybe he will miss something,
    Maybe he will do wrong.
    But you will understand everything at once
    And direct it.

    Of course, he will be surprised:
    “I have not been mistaken for ten years!”
    You have to be stricter with him.
    But don't overdo it.
    Explain that today
    We must do well:
    “The case is important, Nathan,
    Without me, do not complete.”

    17. Do not plan regularly.

    If you are bored at work,
    Everything is planned ahead,
    There is no movement, force majeure,
    You can go to Bali.
    That's when the project burned down,
    then it's time to move -
    Find out from the team
    Who is right, who is to blame.
    Punish all the guilty.
    Worst prizes.
    And it is
    better to plan work right away “for yesterday”.

    Plans for the company need to be built
    Only if it comes.
    And in the usual rhythm of life
    Everything will develop itself.
    Plans to build in advance
    There is a danger - you will hand over everything in time.
    Feint customer will not appreciate,
    he is not ready for this.

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