Linux Foundation unveils first OS release for car

    Non-profit organization Linux Foundation, or rather, a working group from this organization, introduced the first release of the Linux platform for cars. This platform is called Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), the development of AGL began in 2012 , when a special working group was formed.

    According to the developers, the new platform is designed to work with all systems of cars of different manufacturers (with the need to "refine" the AGL for themselves), including dashboards, media systems and more.

    AGL is a product that needs to be customized and customized for each automaker. In general, AGL can be called a special Linux distribution that uses Tizen. The distribution kit already has low-level support for automotive equipment, so automakers need to customize the interface, append individual applications and provide regular system updates.

    The working group itself includes such well-known car companies as Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover and HARMAN, as well as large IT companies, Intel, Samsung, Fujitsu, NEC, NVIDIA and TI. In the working prototype of the platform, the dashboard, climate control, multimedia system and other elements are organized. There is also the ability to control voice, connect peripheral devices (for example, a smartphone) and synchronize data according to the status of each individual auto subsystem. Work with various auto systems is carried out through the Automotive Message Broker (AMB)

    AGL is a fully open project that is accessible to everyone. Via automotive

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