Once again about all of our favorite voting for topics

    On Habr there is a simple and effective voting system for topics. In general, it works quite smoothly, but there are moments that personally confuse me a little. Allow to share them :).

    To begin with an example. Suppose I created a relevant and popular topic about poaching in the Altai Territory (I give an intentionally abstract example). The topic aroused interest, active voting began, comments rained down one another more beautifully. The audience got a taste. But the trouble, the terrible death of sturgeons as such, was not to everyone’s liking (and this is understandable). As soon as they read the article, some users are in a hurry to flip the topic in protest. They are against poaching! And I agree with them. But let me. What does the phenomenon of poaching (object of the article) have to do with the assessment of the article itself?

    I personally minus the topic, usually for the following reasons:
    • I do not like the presentation style or the author’s arguments presented in the article;
    • I believe that the article is custom-made and the author misleads me.

    But if I do not like the phenomenon described in the article, this does not mean at all that the article itself is uninteresting, irrelevant or the author is bad. The topics for discussion are different. And that’s even good.

    As a result, I see an amazing picture: the number of voters for my topic is 50, while the post rating is 0 (+1, +2, etc., but not more than +7). That is, “For” voted as much as “Against”. And the topic rests itself peacefully in its category, when, judging by the scale of the discussion, it should have become Zabedrennoe for a long time and discussed among a wider audience. Neither the volume of the discussion (in this case, 50 votes), nor the 25 votes in favor, played any role. The topic remained where it was.

    It is clear that this does not happen often. But you must admit that it happens. And this can be corrected if the topic is withdrawn to Zababernye not only in case of overcoming the “withdrawal threshold”, but also in case of overcoming the set number of all votes (the real volume of the discussion), of course, subject to a positive rating (> = 0).

    By the way, the idea: let's just vote. The voting results will be more eloquent than any discussion :)
    So are you for or against?

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