Game Connection, Lyon 2010


    Continuing the theme of international gaming conferences and exhibitions, I want to talk about an event called Game Connection, which our company visited last week.

    Event Brief

    Several times a year, Game Connection brings together representatives of various companies from the gaming industry for a b2b hangout. The slogan of the event is as simple as a blow to the hammer: We bring [key] players [of the industry], you make deals.

    How it works

    Participants agree on upcoming meetings through the GC Meeting System for several weeks. And then for three days together they thump these meetings at the event itself in separate rooms or at tables in the common room. GC is a great opportunity to meet with most of your partners in one place. The same thing, in fact, happens at other conferences, but on the sidelines and in an unorganized manner. There were no reports at the GC, and as far as I know, there are no.

    International contingent

    Previously, the GC involved mostly consolers. This time, a bit of everything: developers \ publishers of MMO, studios with products for PSN and XBL, developers for iPad, iPhone (though not many), developers of applications for social networks, monetizers, a couple of teams brought their 3D engines. Present was Google Ireland. Some companies visited the exhibition as a business visitor. Full list of participants

    From the new and interesting

    Turbulenz offered a system that represented something between OnLive , Steam, and Quake Live . By installing a small browser plug-in, users get the opportunity to play modern three-dimensional single-user and multi-user games. A general catalog of games and a monetization system is included.

    There was also one payment system , offering users to link their account in any of the European banks to IVR and make payments by call by entering the password and order number in tone dialing.

    On the day preceding the start of the conference, everyone was taken on an excursion to the Bandai Namco and EA office. In BN, everything is very nicely decorated: large spaces, huge desktops, many figures of game heroes, posters and other souvenirs. Even after 6pm half of the employees are at work. EA was not taken to the office. They just showed a presentation on how cool they were and a couple of trailers (there was no insider information). Of the 30 minutes of dull storytelling, I singled out one thought: every year EA publishes less and less games and makes more money for them.

    On this novelty ended for me.

    What does it look like

    Everything took place in a huge congress center. The conference occupied the basement in one of the buildings. A hall with stands and a minibar with coffee and mini croissants. One half of the room was occupied by tables (80 pcs), the other by rooms (160). Several regional zones were identified: Mexicans, British, Brazilians, Spaniards, and of course the French. Ours (in the broad sense of the word) would also have gotten into such a separate zone, but they probably refused the idea because they could not give any common name to this group of companies, except for “Russian-speaking”. Canadians encouraged to build a business in Canada. Boasted that they have such a place

    Orange man

    Expo hall

    Meeting hall

    Mexican game companies

    Games from Spain

    Game connection booth plan

    , being in which you capture immediately three important time zones: the east and west coast of the USA and Europe. A girl from Only Lyon came to our booth , who offered absolutely free (!) Comprehensive support to foreigners and visitors who want to open a branch of their company or a new business in Lyon: from registering a company and finding an office to placing children in a kindergarten and organizing a personal of life. I must say that such Samaritan offices are in many developed countries. Even at conferences in this country you can meet their representatives. Ardrone'ovtsy conducted demonstration flights on the first and second day, gave everyone a try ...


    Ardrone parrot

    Around the company representatives were constantly crowded with a dozen people, there were heated discussions. It all ended when the Russian pilot from Alavar received control. The flimsy design of the device did not stand up to three consecutive crash tests on a concrete wall. Apparently for Russia they will have to prepare a version with a cast-iron frame.

    Broken ardrone

    "Russians" in the city

    Our room and the room of our esteemed partners and masters of boobs marketing - AmberGames . We strengthen partnerships with Upjers representatives . The Finnish colleagues strengthened their relationships with partners more and more strongly. But for moral and ethical reasons, I can not publish these photos. - These guys are guilty of creating the fast- paced WorldofTanks game . Representatives of 1C , Yuplay , Netville and Alawar were also seen .

    2pay's booth

    2pay and upjers

    Marat karpeco

    Strong organization

    The dinners were just fabulous. The GC served the best food (and there was wine on the tables too) from all the gaming conferences I attended. Still on the GC they are not stingy with good bags. The organizers themselves are very nice and helpful people. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire GC team. Closet girls give you fiery French kisses, but I wish you success in the field of gaming! Go ahead for gold, minerals and gas! P.S. In case of detection of errors and inaccuracies, please inform via LAN.


    Best pastries ever!

    Gc bag


    Me and connection-girls

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