Update Google Docs for Android and iOS (now editing)

    Today, Google announced a new version of Google Docs for mobile devices based on Android and iOS. Now, from these mobile platforms, documents can not only be viewed, but also edited. You can conjure not only over Doc files, but also over Google spreadsheets. What pleased me the most was the update on the fly. I launched in parallel the table in the browser on the PC and on the phone, as soon as you change the value and make a confirmation to it, it is immediately updated on the server and after a split second is displayed on the BB.

    No special application is needed for editing.
    Just go to docs.google.com and get started.
    Nice and unexpected update. It has long been lacking on mobile platforms.
    GDocs on Android crashed decently at times. Now it remains to wait for a convenient offline client from Google.
    Read more in English here .

    PS As it often happens with the latest updates from Google, first everything is tested on the English version of the service. Therefore, if you have Russian, but have a desire to see new opportunities, do not forget to switch the language to English.

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