Cartoon Gypsy: Ilo Turkey. Wings, legs, tail ...

    Something quite a while ago we did not write anything about our characters. It's time to catch up.

    Today we continue the conversation about the Ilo turkey.

    You already met him at the very beginning of our blog.

    Someone, of course, may say:
    “Well, what haven't we seen here?” You have already shown all this before! Let's make a model and everything will be ready!
    We also considered and began to intensively model.

    Yeah ... What happened turned out to be like Ilo, but not quite like it.


    Yes, because to create such a complex character like Ilo, you need a huge amount of materials. Including sketches on which all controversial and not entirely clear details will be shown and worked out. For example, wings, legs, tail, etc.

    Early wing options.

    Again, the creative search began.

    The whole difficulty lies in the fact that a character of this kind is not quite ordinary. Try to get the bird to move and control the wings like hands. After all, we must not forget that Ilo must play cards, hold the reins and do all sorts of things that are not at all typical of an ordinary bird. One of the tasks that we needed to solve was the wing.
    The projection of the wing.

    Artists drew hundreds of sketches until they came to a result that could be called satisfactory.
    The same thing happened with the tail.

    Open tail.

    Coiled tail.

    Well, there are wings and tails, it's time to move on. We will do to draw a head. As Baro says: The head is not the tail of everything :)

    Ilo's head options.

    So, all parts of the body are in place.
    Only now can we safely proceed to modeling. But here a heap of pitfalls is piled up. Simulation of birds is very closely connected with rig and those. plumage designs.
    Any modeler is more likely to shoot himself or jump out of the window if he is forced to put hundreds of thousands of feathers on a bird’s carcass manually.
    Therefore, the model is done first without feathers. And the feathers disembark after.

    Turkey without textures and plumage .

    Not without experiments at this stage. After all, we are not looking for easy ways. Until we came to the final look of our hero, we managed to make a completely finished turkey, looking at which, we realized that he did not suit us at all.

    Has Been So wait for the next post in which we will tell you about how we revived the ILO turkey, forced it to walk, flap its wings and even fly, and then took it and completely redone it without any remorse ....

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