Adi Shamir's birthday. Visual, geometric and neurocryptography

    Shamir - is S in R S A

    Here he is so funny, with an accent, already the 62-year-old “patriarch of Israeli cryptography”

    What is encrypted here?

    Under the cut some achievements of the birthday man

    in 1977 , together with Ronald Rivest and Leonard Adleman, he developed the famous RSA public key crypto scheme

    1979 Shamir secret sharing scheme

    1984 ID-based encryption

    1988 Fiat protocol - Shamir

    1990 Developed a differential cryptanalysis protocol 1994 Visual cryptography , which allows encrypting visual information (pictures, text) using mechanical actions that do not require a computer

    Website with the implemented application here .

    1996 Geometric cryptography based on the complexity of solving geometric problems (for example, trisection of an angle using a compass and a ruler). Article

    1998 Steganographic File System
    1998 Impossible differential cryptanalysis

    2001 Ring signature

    2002 T-function

    2002 Analysis of neurocryptography

    2006 Hacking RFID
    “Using a directional antenna and a digital oscilloscope, Shamir took a reading of the energy consumption of the RFID chips and found fluctuations characteristic of the correct and incorrect bits of the password. “We can track when the chip, figuratively speaking,“ turns out to be dissatisfied ”with sending the“ wrong ”bit - at such moments its power consumption increases,” says prof. Shamir. “Creating a complete and complete picture of the reactions of the chips to different signals, therefore, is not such a difficult problem.”

    2008 Cubic attacks A
    “cubic” attack can be successfully applied to pseudo-random number generators used in GSM network phones and Bluetooth devices. Cell phones and RFID devices using stream ciphers are also vulnerable. ”Bruce Schneier

    2012 78%earned BTC remain on wallets without movement and never go into circulation.
    BTC Transaction Analysis
    Quantitative analysis of the complete Bitcoin transaction graph

    2013 RSA Acoustic Hacking
    “Many computers emit high-frequency sound during operation due to vibrations in some electronic components,” explains Adi Shamir. “These acoustic emanations are more than annoying squeaks: they contain information about running software, including security-related computing.”

    RSA Conference 2013
    I definitely think cryptography is becoming less important. In reality, even the most secure computer systems in the most isolated places have been hacked in recent years using a series of APT attacks (Advanced Persistent Threats, attacks with state support) or other advanced techniques. We need to rethink how we build protection. ” A note in Hacker e

    2014 is the latest article from Adi Shamir: “Get your hands off my laptop: physical side-channel key-extraction attacks on PCs”
    Adi Shamir: “In addition to acoustics, a similar attack can be carried out by measuring the electrical potential of the computer case. To do this, it’s enough for an appropriately equipped attacker to touch the conductive parts of the case with his bare hand or connect to the ground pins on the other end of the VGA, USB or Ethernet cable. ”(2013)
    What this article says in September 2014

    RSA Conference 2014


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