Samsung and Google will increase the level of data protection in Android

    Good afternoon, Habr!

    Samsung Electronics and Google recently announced that part of the Samsung KNOX technology will be integrated into the new version of the Android operating system. The new version of Android, which was presented this week on Google I / O, will include new features for corporate users and IT administrators - for example, a separate storage for managing and protecting business information. The new functionality will provide a security system that meets the latest corporate requirements for mobile devices. This announcement is undoubtedly good news for registered software developers for Samsung KNOX (ISVs) and other developers who will now be able to expand their potential market with the vast Android community, with minimal effort.

    The purpose of this unique collaboration is to address the growing needs of a flexible and secure corporate mobile platform. At the same time, the confidentiality of personal information is guaranteed and consumers will be able to use Android devices to work just as they used to use them for personal needs. Moving towards expanding its presence in the corporate mobility market, Samsung will continue to provide innovative and unique solutions for corporate customers.

    Currently, Samsung KNOX provides the Android platform with high-level security solutions and meets the criteria of the US Government, the US Agency for Defense Information Systems and other international security standards for mobile devices. The Samsung KNOX platform received STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) version 1 approval from the US Defense Information Systems Agency in May 2013, and the Samsung KNOX received STIG version 2 in April 2014. Also, the UK government recently published safety recommendations for users. which recommended using the Samsung KNOX platform when working on Android devices. In addition, the following devices using the KNOX platform have been certified for compliance with MDFPP Common Criteria requirements: GALAXY S4, GALAXY Note 3,

    Samsung also offers comprehensive KNOX management solutions and provides access to a dedicated app and service store. In addition to the Samsung KNOX components that will be included in the new version of the Android operating system, Samsung will continue to develop proprietary services such as KNOX EMM and KNOX Marketplace.

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