Linux dominates supercomputers like never before

    Number of Linux supercomputers in the Top 500 list

    For many years, the Linux operating system has been the main OS for supercomputers. But in recent years there has been an interesting trend: Linux not only dominates, but its dominance becomes absolute, it literally crowds out all other competitors .

    The latest ranking of the world's most powerful top 500 supercomputers in June 2014 recorded a new record: 485 out of 500 supercomputers run under Linux. This is 97%.

    For comparison, in 1998, 0.2% of supercomputers worked under Linux, that is 1 out of 500, in 1999 - 18 out of 500.

    Of the remaining 15 computers in the list, 13 work under Unix. They are all based on IBM Power processors, so IBM AIX is probably used there.

    There are only 2 supercomputers left under Windows. The best of them takes 249th place in the ranking.

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