Sms feedback for sites

    Another of my ideas is to participate (to those who wish) or to criticize (constructive) -sms feedback.

    The bottom line is:

    Owners of websites, newspapers, booklets and reasons - who wish to receive this type of communication, enter into a partnership agreement with the content provider that provides the service and receive a unique code and place it in the form of an icon (with information about the short number and code of the participant) or links to their resources. The user will be able to send a text message to the site administrator or other contact person to a short number indicating the participant code as a prefix. From the user's point of view, this will give a WARRANTY for consideration and response from the recipient. The obligation to give any answer to the request within nn time should be indicated in the contract of the content provider with the partner. From the point of view of the partner (website, newspaper, etc.) - this
    Extra income and spam protection. Few people will write nonsense even at a tariff of $ 1, but those who really need to contact and get a reasoned answer will write. Some sites may even be able to remove links to e-mail and ICQ and use this communication option as an alternative to the feedback form. In addition, this is the only option for telephone communications (of those that come to mind) without revealing your number. A recognizable icon, such as RSS, will help the service go to the masses. You can give a service with two tariffs. Commercial with a guaranteed response to the message recipient is more
    expensive. And private, in which it is not necessary to give an answer, but it is focused on communication only through this system with the payment of messages by both parties. It’s like a sms mailbox - analog
    e-mail box on free services such as to hide the number. Both options can be offered as additional services for sites and other media for dating, message boards, etc. (although in my opinion the second option is already being used). In any case, the essence of the proposal is to enable all users to communicate using a mobile phone
    without revealing the true number - using a virtual number (a unique word, numbers and their combination as a prefix).
    In principle, it is possible to launch and voice mode.

    It is interesting to know your opinion, it will be sought, no - why?

    UPD: This is not about technical support for users, but about left-handed calls (for example, to a guide with an offer to buy an elephant).
    UPD2: I would pay 1 - 5 cu for sms in exchange for a guaranteed consideration of my proposal by the HEAD in some large company.

    UPD3: In general, it is clear. In principle, as expected, the reaction is negative. Probably his time has not come yet, as well as the time of paid e-mail messages - but someday it seems to me (paid) that will become the main way to filter an ever-increasing flow of information.

    UPD4: Everyone turns to thinking that the director’s time is more expensive than sms - I agree, but I don’t offer to make money on sms, I suggest using it as a filter.

    Well, if you insist so :) - another modification of the idea, the company itself determines how much the minute / attention of the head of the company costs for certain issues and does sms at this price (unlikely), a paid number with that cost per minute or paid access to the feedback form . Naturally, this ensures that the interaction will be with the one specified. Let's take such an extreme and may be an unsuccessful example - here many consider Lebedev to be a god, if for example he sets the minute of conversation in xx (x) dollars - there will probably be people who want to talk with him and offer their ideas :)


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