Churchmen recreated Ostrog font

    The Slavic typography community has created and made freely available the Church Slavonic font Ostrog . It can be downloaded in TrueType (TTF), TrueType (TTF), Type1, and Type1 fractional versions.

    The font was developed on the basis of the old publications of Vilna and Ostrog in the second half of the 16th century. The creator of the font is supposedly Peter Mstislavets , a Belarusian typographer who came to Moscow and helped Russian first printer Ivan Fedorov print his first book. Then Mstislavets returned to Belarus (ON) and built his own printing house there. In Belarus, printing was known half a century before, so the printing house was far from the first.

    According to church typographers, the Ostrog font is available for free free use, with the exception of contexts that are fundamentally incompatible with Orthodoxy or seriously contrary to the standards of Christian morality.

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