Meeting drupalers on iCamp!

    Bearing in mind that the topic of Drupal is more and more interesting for Internet users, and the reports at conferences are not always balanced, we decided to create a specialized section at the first Internet conference in Russia in barcamp format , which takes place in early August.

    The Internet is the place where your project is needed yesterday. A prototype last year.

    We really need something that allows us to keep up with Internet projects and not get bogged down in them for years. We don’t have too much time!

    In our section we want to touch upon the problems:
    * Creation of information and social services and their prototypes based on Drupal
    * Prototyping without a single line of code!
    * Drupal scaling and tuning
    * Development of the Drupaler movement in Russia

    Our audience:
    * Web developers and near-Internet project managers
    * Potential startups
    * Drupal ninja (as invited gurus)
    * Translators, PHP, GPL fans and everyone interested.

    Let's share our experience and promote Drupal in Russia!

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