Important text protection methods

    A huge amount of textual data can exist on the modern Internet: articles, books, publications, scans, statements, notes, directories, encyclopedias, lyrics. I stand for the creation of unique content (as an example, newspaper agencies, various magazines and publications that are closed and are available only by subscription). Uniqueness is really useful, the author does an exceptionally positive job. If I were a person who owns the word or has the ability to write what can be regarded as good material, I would take care to create an infrastructure for protection, let's say, to prohibit free distribution. For example, you can then come up with a subscription, organize a publication, attract other writers and rise on this matter.

    Therefore, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the possibilities of protecting your texts on the Internet.
    • closed site
    • teaser list
    • material page with forced “clipping”
    • subscription organization
    • separation of content by content
    • representation in social networks
    • Twitter representation

    First of all, I would create a closed site. Using the popular CMS is a good solution. Take for example, jumla or drupal. Bind any forced authorization modules and start.

    Be sure to have a list of articles or literature on the site, headings will suffice. Tags are optional; they will search mainly through Google or Yandex.

    On the main page on which the content will appear, the presence of stubs is mandatory. Take for example some abstract document consisting of 5 pages of text. Show the first page, close the rest. (by the way, an interesting case occurred when I used scribd. see below ). In general, I consider it ideal to show no more than 1/10 of the entire material.

    Make a subscription. Mandatory clause. If you are a single author, and at the same time produce no more than 10 articles per month, I think a fee of $ 10 per subscription is reasonable. For one-time use, make it possible to buy an article for a price equal to, well, let's say [number of pages] * [importance of content] * $ 1 , where [importance of content] is a certain score for significance, your personal rating, within 0.1 ~ 1.0 . I believe that $ 2 for an article about cooking or assembling an abstract device is a good point of balance.

    Text content (articles, manuals, instructions - the most common on the Internet) must be separated from the media. Usually you will add more videos with explanations or fully use this format for presenting information.

    In such large systems with content-hungry users like VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, one cannot help getting to know the community. This is a huge market. A large number of users who are ready to use the content (after all, they have already visited the site and looked at the seals before your advertisement). Sure! the presence of a beautiful picture and description, because it attracts users.

    Twitter is also an interesting source of distribution and advertising. Taking into account the specifics of Twitter and its community, you can post there only headers with a link. At the same time, once a week (or more often), diluting your account with direct advertising of the publication.


    Here you are the author and owner of your own tiny publication, or the founder and co-author of an online publication that covers most of the topics or specializing in one direction.

    If you successfully complete all the previous steps, you can take on a foreign audience. Hire a staff of translators, or use automatic translation tools with subsequent manual proofreading. Is it worth mentioning that in the case of automatic translation it is better to make free copies of articles, because such a translation is not the best quality.


    A method to bypass text protection on
    $(".autogen_class_views_read2_page_blur_promo").empty(); // отключаем заглушку с предложением купить
    $(".text_layer").css("color", "inherit"); // отключаем блюр (на самом деле "раскрываем" так "ответственно" спрятанный текст
    $(".text_layer").css("text-shadow", "none"); // убираем тени

    In general, we can say with confidence that reacted to the task of protecting important text with a degree of irresponsibility.
    The only thing that saves their reputation is a pretty good method of obfuscating the text.
    Let's try to wrap the text. BEFORE - AFTER

    Good luck in your endeavors!

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