FreeWavz: Advanced Bluetooth Stereo Headset with Fitness Tracker

    There are more and more “smart” devices; literally every day new products appear. Among all this diversity, new devices often appear, which you involuntarily pay attention to.

    For example, wireless headphones FreeWavz, with built-in fitness tracker. Headphones, in general, are suitable for both athletes and ordinary music lovers.

    Since the presence of a fitness tracker in the headphones is a rather unusual thing, I suggest that you first evaluate the tracker, and then, in fact, the headset.

    Tracker Features

    • Determination of heart rate;
    • Estimated distance traveled
    • Calorie consumption, taking into account the activity of the movement;
    • Training duration;
    • Blood saturation with oxygen;
    • Reading all indicators on demand;
    • Setup via smartphone / tablet.

    For reliable operation of the tracker, a pulse oximeter and a three-axis accelerometer are built into the headphones.

    Headphone Features

    Environmental Listen-Through Function

    Headphones block the direct flow of sound into the ear, that is, they are protected from external noise. Protected from noise (wind and so on) and microphones in the headphones, due to the location behind the earlobe.

    At the same time, the headphone carrier does not become “deaf”, so that you can hear ambient sounds, there is a second set of microphones located slightly above the first.

    This approach allows you to set the following modes:

    • 100% music, 0% ambient noise
    • 75% music, 25% ambient noise
    • 50% music, 50% ambient noise
    • 25% music, 75% ambient noise
    • 0% music, 100% ambient noise
    • Since the left and right earphones work independently, you can separately set microphones for each.

    Otolaryngologists (ENTs) took part in the development of headphones, thanks to which the developers were able to achieve the sound entering the ear from an almost ideal angle. The developers claim that the headphones allow the sound to circulate in accordance with the individual structure of the auricle, which reduces the load on the eardrum.

    In addition, the user can configure each earphone separately, which allows you to take into account hearing impairment when some ear works better, some worse.

    It is also possible to customize sound profiles. The Audio Pleasure Management function allows you to set user profiles for any activity and adjust the level of audibility of ambient noise, listening to fitness indicators and much more.


    Headphones are fixed on the ear of the owner, the fixation is quite reliable, 4-seater. The weight of the headphones is 45 grams (each), so they are almost not felt.

    Developers position their headphones as the last stage of the evolution of “wearable music”

    Function buttons

    Using the buttons located on the headphones, you can control the following functions:

    • Phone calls - accept or decline incoming calls
    • Pause (Pause) music and talk on the phone without removing your FreeWavz headphones
    • Listen to fitness indicators - heart rate, distance, calorie consumption (subject to movement), training duration, O2 saturation level, VO2 maximum, etc.
    • Adjust and mix music and ambient noise (100% / 0%, 75% / 25%, 50% / 50%, 25% / 75%, 0/100%)
    • Turn on voice to select contacts, make calls, check calendar / emails / text messages

    Now developers have launched a campaign on Kickstarter , and there is an opportunity to pre-order for $ 179. The full price is $ 299. You can pre-order also at Medgadgets for 9900 rubles.

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