Parking a car in Riga is theoretically possible 5 times cheaper

    Riga municipal parking meters can accept Lithuanian 20 cent coins on a par with Latvian santims of the same denomination. Given the difference in the exchange rate of lats to litas (for 1 lvl about 4.92 ltl), this gives a fivefold benefit.

    This is what 20 Lithuanian cents look like:


    And so 20 Latvian centimes:


    On average, 5 such coins are needed per hour of parking, which is 1 lvl, but in Lithuanian coins this is 1 ltl, or only 0.20 lvl. Apparently the dimensions and weight are the same.

    Attention! All information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a recommendation for action. This feature of functioning was discovered randomly, by mistake, mixed coins of different denominations.

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