The password for the Wifi network of the World Cup 2014 security center was broadcast on the screen and got on the photo of a local newspaper

    And again, the oddities. As you know, Brazil is currently hosting the World Cup. Various services are responsible for its security, in particular, a monitoring center that monitors and processes data from surveillance cameras (by the way, it cost many millions and is designed by a foreign contractor).

    Everything would be wonderful if only the head of this center, Luis Cravo Dorea, posing in front of local journalists, accidentally did not light up the password for his Wi-Fi network.

    As you can see from the photo, the password b5a2112014 from the network with the speaking name WORLD CUP glows on the large screen located behind the head of the center. Not only is this password visible to everyone (the screens are pretty high), it’s also very cryptographic. Compare "b5a2112014" and Brasil2014.

    By the way, this is far from the first case of placing passwords “on a pillar” and their subsequent leakage through the press. I recall a case of 2 years ago when journalists took pictures of Prince William serving in the army and an inadvertent "drain" of a secret password hanging on the wall.

    I remember the hawkers reacted actively to that post .

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