How to take over the world by proving that P = NP

Hypothetically suppose that you were able to prove the equality P = NP. What now needs to be done to gain dominance over the whole world?

Firstly, there is a millennium prize of one million dollars. But this is not the best possible solution, because taking this award you need to publish a proof of your discovery, which robs you of the trump card too early.

Instead, you can write an application using your proof. Consider what follows from the equality P = NP. The main class of problems for which some algorithm can give an answer in polynomial time is R. In some problems, the method of quickly obtaining an answer is unknown, but the answer can be checked in polynomial time, these problems belong to the class NP. Equality P = NP may mean that problems whose solution was previously considered very difficult are now solved in polynomial time.

Unfortunately, having just one proof without thinking about how to convert it into a working algorithm, capturing the world will be very problematic.

The largest value of P = NP lies in the fields of mathematics, cryptography, artificial intelligence, and even biology.

Starting with cryptography, you can now crack symmetric algorithms. AES was standardized in 2001 and now it is one of the most popular symmetric key algorithms used to transmit data in SSL and TLS. It is considered the “gold standard” for encryption. And you proved that it is useless. One of the best ways to use this is by connecting to a public wireless connection in a crowded place. All bank traffic that passes by you, you can track. Having captured this data, you can use the bruteforce on AES encryption in SSL, thus recovering logins and passwords from investment and bank accounts. Now you can transfer money from their accounts to your own. It is better to use an account in offshore, so as not to attract the attention of special services, which these transfers are very interested in.

Continue this until you get as much money as you need. After a little practice, you can visit the large banks. Wireless connections will definitely be encrypted, but that won’t stop you. Since you are now working with multimillion-dollar accounts, it is necessary to distribute the “revenue” across several of your accounts in Switzerland or in the Cayman Islands.

Being rich is fine, but world domination involves a little more power and glory. Here, medicine and biotechnology will help us.

Predicting the structure of proteins is an important goal of bioinformatics and is very important for medicine. Predicting the tertiary structure of RNA - NP is a complete task. Fortunately, this is not a problem for you. Some viruses use pseudo-node structures to form tRNA-like motifs for entry into the host cell. For example, the flu. By understanding the structure of viruses, you can create much more effective medications and completely eradicate common flu.

Using your multi-million dollar capital as seed money, you can open your bioengineering company and research the structure of viruses to save lives around the world.

At this point, you have made some money that saved the world from the flu and any other RNA-based virus (hepatitis C, polio, etc.). You saved millions of lives from many diseases. The public is aware of your contribution to medicine, biology and anthropology. This contribution is greater than that of Jonas Salk and Louis Pasteur in medicine and biology.

Now you can publish your proof P = NP. Clay Institute of Mathematics wants to award you with the Millennium Prize, which you will noblely refuse. The extra million dollars is just a drop in your capital, but the increase in respect in academia will be huge.

Finally, you have taken over the world. Starting with basic evidence, you stole millions of dollars by hacking SSL or finding access to encrypted banking computers. Investing in biological research and using P = NP to speed up virus research has given you public recognition, in addition to your many billions and a company that saves millions of lives.
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