Are you a talented strategist or an effective tactician? Check out the Budget Sprint 2.0 Hackathon

    More than a year ago, we first held the Budget sprint competition and showed that programming can be an exciting strategic game, where victory is determined not only by the speed of tasks, but also by the right tactics.

    And so we decided to repeat this format of the competition - on Sunday, October 15, Budget Sprint 2.0 will be held .

    There are many tasks for developers: you can focus on data processing, training a smart bot, design a universal data visualization tool, or create a mobile application.

    Adrenaline from the competition, the pleasure of coding, useful and applicable experience are guaranteed. Join now and test your programming skills in action!

    Who can take part?
    Sprint is only for those who are used to programming and are not afraid to work with open source. You will encounter all the delights of deploying new tools with a bunch of dependencies and different programming languages.

    What tasks do you have to solve?
    Especially for the sprint, we have compiled a series of mini-tasks on the subject of open financial data. For each task, detailed project cards (task, technology, data) have been developed, which are kept secret until the start of the hackathon. Each team will have access to a common task pool.

    How will the winners be determined?
    We will determine the winners by the total points. Each project has a cost of “N” points. “M” points will be awarded for speed.

    You can focus on quantity by scoring points on small tasks, or take a chance and make a big expensive project.

    What prizes await the winners?
    The prize fund of the competition (50,000 rubles) will be distributed according to the sum of points among the first three teams with the highest number of points.

    All Budget Sprint 2.0 projects can become participants in the contest “Open State Financial Data“ BudgetApps ”of the Ministry of Finance of Russia ( ) with a prize fund of 495,000 rubles.

    Where will Budget sprint be held and how to register for it?
    The competition will be held on October 15 from 10.00 to 18.00 in Workshoploft spaceat the address Moscow, m. Kurskaya / m. Chkalovskaya, Mentoring per., 17 p. 1, entrance 11. For full-time participation, you must register here .

    You can also take part in the sprint online and solve problems remotely. Connect to the telegram chat , where on October 15 a link to tasks will be published.

    We are waiting for you!

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