Internet richness and new ideas

    I remember when the Internet just appeared on me, it was fashionable to start my own website and put everything there in a row. Someone used Yandex.People, someone used other services and as a result got a 4th level domain, then, in principle, I became interested in information technologies and the web in particular.

    A lot has changed over the past few years: photos on Flickr, resumes on LinkDin or Moikrug , contacts on Facebook , videos on Vimeoetc. In fact, for almost all aspects of life, a decent service has already been created. In fact, the need for filling out a personal site has disappeared and the best option is to aggregate information from all these social networks in one place in a convenient way. FriendFeed is developing in this direction , although not everyone likes it.

    Now a lot of interesting things are happening, it is no longer necessary to come up with something radically new, you can simply combine existing things and thus create your own solutions. Do you want to create a translator without bothering with morphology, dictionaries? Please take Google Translate and make an application out of it . After all, nothing complicated, it was only necessary to spread slightly the brains. Others took maps from Google and madeMonopoly .

    No need to torment yourself with thoughts that you can’t come up with a new one, it’s better to determine how to improve or use the existing one. Go for it, and have a great weekend!

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