Adobe asks to hurry with an upgrade

    If you have Photoshop version 6 or lower, you won’t be able to buy Photoshop CS3 for the upgrade price. However, Adobe will provide this feature for a limited period.
    From Photoshop CS3 Beta FAQ : “Adobe will not offer upgrade pricing more than three versions back on Photoshop CS3.”

    Thus, if you have Photoshop version 6 or lower, you will not be able to buy Photoshop CS3. However, Adobe will provide such an opportunity for a limited period, namely for the period from the announcement of the product (March 27, 2007) until the start of delivery. During this period, you can purchase an upgrade version of CS2 and get Photoshop CS3 Standart “on load” for free . Unfortunately, this offer does not apply to Photoshop CS3 Extended. Pricing for the Upgraded Version of Extended will be known next week.

    The same offer applies to the upgrade of the Adobe® Creative Suite® software package .
    Having bought a CS2 upgrade after the official announcement of CS3, but before the start of supply, you can additionally get CS3 for free. So far, however, it is completely unknown what CS3 package it will be (there are usually several: Standart / Premium / Production / Bundles)
    Source: PhotoshopNews

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