Room Terminators: Rise of Toys

    As you know, laziness is the engine of progress. And so many things in the process of evolution are undergoing global change. So, for example, we already get fire with the help of a lighter, and not by chipping stones against each other, and in order to catch fish it is not necessary to dig worms. But our laziness is limitless, therefore we constantly try to automate routine work. And if before we admired the Electronics and the Terminator, now we are few of them. And in this regard, I prepared a special review of home robots in order to have a clear idea of ​​how much progress has come.

    Tamogochi of the 21st century
    Cute hamsters and parrots are a thing of the past. Now going into the "Living Area" do not be surprised at the appearance on the windows of electronic exotics.

    Robot - I-CYBIE dog

    And barks and bites, and rushes to passers-by. The cute electronic dog of the breed I-CYBIE is endowed with artificial intelligence, which allows her to have a unique character that you instill in her from childhood. Yes, this animal completely imitate its living analogue, and goes all the way of development from a puppy to an adult dog. Saibi divides people into two groups: the owner and the rest. And if the i-dog owner submits after hearing one of the eight predefined commands in any language, the rest will have to sweat to attract the attention of the robot. Having settled in the apartment, the dog will joyfully greet his paw, show tricks, react to what is happening, and also express his opinion and mood with the help of various movements. Having got the second electronic friend of breed I-CYBIE - the dogs will joyfully communicate with each other through infrared rays.

    Price: from 9000 rubles

    Robot - Pleo dinosaur

    Fans of the film “Night at the Museum” is dedicated. A fully autonomous dinosaur that does not recognize any commands other than On / off. A representative of the Jurassic period with a height of 20 cm and a weight of about 1.3 kg interacts with the surrounding flora / fauna as he wants. Shaping his behavior through communication, he expresses his emotions through sounds and movements. Walking around the room, Pleo can: cough, wag its tail, sigh, yawn, sneeze, blink, and make all the natural peaceful movements that its living brothers made. Depending on the situation, the dinosaur may show anger, pleasure, playfulness, hunting, love, etc. The main surprise from the creators was the “organic movement”, i.e. a tired dinosaur will behave much more passively than just waking up. All this is facilitated by Pleo’s technical insides,
    38 sensors
    9 contact
    sensors Tilt sensors
    Stereo sound
    Infrared vision
    Light detection
    And the life of a dinosaur from recharging to recharging is as much as 4 hours.
    Price: from 14,000 rubles

    Transformer Rulezz
    If earlier you had to move your arms and legs yourself to the main character of the animated series Transformers, now you can relax in a chair with a bottle of beer, enjoying the revival of childhood heroes.

    Robosapien v2

    One of the most interesting models on the market of affordable robots. The main feature of this instance is the ability to program it. So if the default stunts quickly bother you, then you can easily teach him your signature chips. Moreover, if your girlfriend went to your grandmother, and your friends are drunk, then with the help of a laser pointer you can walk with Robosapien along the street without fear of maniacs and hooligans. After all, our room terminator, in addition to the functions of standing up, sitting, dancing, playing bowling, also likes to throw objects. And large dimensions: 600 x 200 x 350 mm give the robot a very comic look. The only minus of Robosapiens is the manual replacement of batteries.

    Price: from 9000 rubles

    Housekeepers in the style of Future

    At a lecture on philosophy, you constantly argue: “To do this - to do nothing ...”? Don’t worry, they’ve already made everything for you.

    Robot vacuum cleaner RV-2 A

    wireless professional sucking wool, sand, dust, and other undesirable debris in your apartment, independently moves around the house in search of pollution. The energy of 12 rechargeable AA batteries is enough for an hour of general cleaning. And provided that the price of the robot is approximately equal to the price of a conventional vacuum cleaner, the advantages of the RV-2 are obvious. The scope of delivery includes:
    Battery compartment for 12 rechargeable AA batteries.
    Dust collector
    Instruction manual
    Paper holder that traps
    dust Dust
    retainer paper Rechargeable AA batteries
    Voltage converter
    The only thing you have to do now is to clean the dust container and charge the batteries.

    Price: from 4000 rubles

    Robot - security guard BANRYU

    One of the latest technical achievements available - the BANRYU security robot, in the absence of the owners, takes control of the house. Checking its territory, the robot reacts to various changes in the apartment, new smells, and at the slightest doubt about the danger instantly sends an alarm to the mobile owner. Remote control via mobile, allows the owner at any time to connect to the robot and get a clear image from home thanks to 360g review of the built-in camera. The dimensions of BANRYU are very impressive: 650 x 630 x 900 mm, so buying an electronic security guard makes sense when he settles, say in a country house. Interestingly, the robot is equipped with 256 MB of memory and the Windows 98 SE operating system, and communication with it is carried out using a microphone and a loudspeaker. So it won’t be boring.

    Price: $ 18,000

    Robot - Maron-1 servant The

    main feature of this model is the function of controlling household appliances, whether it is an air conditioner or a VCR. Small dimensions (32x36x32 cm) with low weight (5 kg) allow using the robot without problems even in a one-room apartment. In its functions, Maron-1 resembles BANRYU: sending an alarm to the owner, direct broadcasting of the picture to a mobile phone from home, remote control. Communication with the robot occurs through the LCD screen of the touchpad, running Windows CE 3.0. Ten hours of work without recharging, without problems, is enough for the robot to play with children, give a call to a friend, and turn off the computer after you leave.

    Price: 2500 $

    F1 is resting
    Have you earned money for nine for the second year? Forget it - in the near future no one will understand you on such a machine. I offer you a fashionable, alternative version of the vehicle.

    R-7 riding robot

    With the advent of this unit, the question “Who is following Klinsky?” there will be a huge queue of comers. Despite the not high maximum speed of 2.5 km, the roboauto is ideally suited for mushroom picking and street racing with agricultural machinery. The single
    vehicle is controlled by a joystick, on which you can not only choose the direction, but also the type of walk depending on the terrain. As popular wisdom says: if you go quietly, you will continue.
    Price: from $ 5000

    The end
    Looking at the robot models that are improving every year, you do not freely begin to think about the uprising of machines. Perhaps it will be, but until artificial intelligence has reached such a point, I suggest everyone to relax and enjoy how our electronic worker performs draft party tasks.

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