Greasemonkey: cloud of popular Habrategs when adding habratopika

    Taking the idea from, I wrote a Greasemonkey script that makes an ajax request to the popular tags page ( on the add habratopik page and loads a list of popular tags for blogs under the input field tags for your new topic. Click on the tag: it is added to the tag input field, click again, deleted.

    To install the script, go to url:

    and click the black Install Script button in the upper right.

    ps tags to this post were added using the cloud :-) Except for the tags "tag cloud" and "greasemonkey", which are not among the popular ones.

    update :
    Greasemonkey is a plugin for Firefox. First you need to install it:

    Then you can put scripts that change the content of pages using javascript. Many useful scripts can be found here:

    Also popular now: