Friday Failed, or Keyboard-quest

    I came across an old topic about the dark and bright side of power in keyboards;) Actually, a note with photos of the location of the Del key

    But then I looked at one of my keyboards ...

    upd: the debunking of notebook theory was added. it turned out not to be laptops.
    The result was not a Friday lulz, but SUDDENLY keyboard quest. Thanks to everyone who participated. Maybe repeat it?

    keyboard number 1 from the topic the

    dark side?

    keyboard number 2 from the topic the

    bright side?

    Keyboard SVEN4000


    debunking: all three keyboards are not notebook

    black, as the liveor first noted , A4Tech Model RKS-5 with slanting keys
    white, as suggested by inkvizitor68sl , Defender KM-4810L
    and gray - SVEN Standart Mini 4000

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