5 weeks with Intel

    Greetings! Today on the main page of Habr there was a lot of interesting things, but it’s nice to realize that the most interesting is ahead!

    To everyone who wants Habr, I suggest to go on a fascinating five-week journey around Intel to penetrate its world, to join, so to speak, the beautiful.

    Under the cut, all important information, as well as a pleasant smell of valuable prizes, interesting content from developers and incredible secret data :)

    Friends, we are starting a series of public interviews with Intel employees - the project is launched on Habrahabr with the support of the Intel Software Network , Intel Galaxy and Intel communities IT Galaxy .

    We all know that Intel- One of the largest IT companies in the world with a multi-billion dollar turnover and the largest manufacturer of microchips for almost twenty years. But few people realize that Intel is a democratic company.

    Even the most senior managers can’t have their own office - imagine Intel’s management is sitting in the same cubes as ordinary employees. Intel has a free form of clothing, and many employees work according to a very flexible schedule - you must admit that there is nothing to do with the frightening image of a huge strict corporation that happens to ordinary people from time to time.

    Democracy on the march: the workplace of Dmitry Konash, Intel's regional director in the CIS countries, is no different from other workplaces of company employees.

    However, as in any company, the most important thing in Intel isher staff . We know that these are nice people doing interesting work. We are sure that they will be happy to talk with you and answer your questions, from deeply technical to the most tricky (of course, until the questions will concern secret developments).

    For five weeks we will talk about Intel employees, and you can ask them any questions. We will talk about programs and hardware, about WiMAX and application optimization, about multithreaded programming and power consumption in the Xeon processor series, about the new Lynnfield processor line and about the already proven Nehalem microarchitecture.

    - The authors of the five best questions will receive pleasant prizes: a set of " Keyboard and Mouse ."
    - The most active participant in the discussions will receive a Lenovo IdeaPad 10-2 WiMAX netbook with an Intel Atom processor.

    - The ten most active participants will be invited to a personal meeting of Intel, where they will receive prizes and souvenirs.

    Each week’s plan is as follows :
    - on Monday we post an interview with our employees on one of the topics
    - until 15:00 on Wednesday we collect your questions
    - and on Wednesday, starting at 15:00 our employees will answer them.

    Feel free to participate in the discussions!

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