Rating blogs Top 50.ru: development

    Top 50 blogs - a new rating of posts and blogs. According to the idea, it should become a replacement for the rating from Yandex after its final closure.

    Let me remind you: on November 3 of this year, the developers of the Yandex.Blogs service announced the closure of the rating of entries, while opening the API. With Yandex, the top will be completely removed in December.

    The announcement of the first version of Top 50.ru has already been published on Habré. The reaction of the Habra residents was generally negative, despite this I decided not to give up and continue the development of the project, and took it as a test for “lice”, especially since such feedback is largely my fault: I provided the audience with a completely crude service, hastily wrote a post in a half-joking half-dumb form.

    Over the past week and a half, the project has undergone many positive changes:
    - Added new interesting features;
    - completely rewritten the lion's share of the code;
    - formed a plan for further development.

    Further, about all this in order and about how the project got to the pages of Vesti.ru.


    What is the most important thing in the rating? Right, quality ranking. In the beginning, the Top 50 was not very good with this, which was also reported by Habravites. Since the launch, the algorithm has changed several times and now, we can safely say: relevance is comparable to Yandex. However, this does not mean that the entries are sorted either, it means that the top contains all the most interesting and relevant.

    In addition to improving the overall rating, all the others were also improved: by commentators, by links, by comments, by attendance. The changes are related to checking the relevance of information: for example, if five new comments appeared in a post three years ago, this does not mean that the topic is relevant.

    There was a very convenient posts dashboard. With the ability to sort by all indicators. Gives a general idea of ​​the current state of the blogosphere. The construction is slightly different from the lists, for some tasks it can be very useful. The rating of blogs is made . About him, as a missing opportunity, was mentioned in the comments to the last post on Habré. At the moment, it is identical to Yandex, but in the near future it is planned to redo it. You will be the first to know about it :) A few minor improvements: - added service icons; - A prominent place is a link to RSS; - Reforma widget installed; - Fixed layout and RSS formation errors; - other trifles that now can not be remembered. A new super-short domain has appeared for the lazy:
    Pivot table

    T-50.ru The

    technological part has also undergone many changes. Most of the code has been rewritten, its own micro framework has been formed (the bike is justified by maximizing performance). Thanks to the new core of the system, adding new types of ratings is much easier and faster.

    It is worth noting another significant aspect: all the data received by the robot through the API is stored in the archive, due to this, in the future it will be possible to create a blogosphere analytics system.

    The service is still extremely fast.


    After the publication on Habré, the Top 50 was written in many blogs. There was a post on Roy.ru, and after it, you won’t believe it, Vesti.ru mentioned the service .

    An average of three hundred visitors enter the Top 50 daily. I really hope that this number will only grow :)

    What's next?

    All my free time from full time I devote to the Top 50, I still do not give up and will continue to develop the project. There is a whole list of interesting features that I would like to implement, but, alas, not rubber.

    Here are just the most basic of the planned: blogosphere analytics, various ways of presenting blog rankings, a complete redesign, blog notifications using comments about getting into the consolidated top. Habr will be the first to know about all significant innovations.

    Dear Habravites, I really need your help. The service is done for users, and users are you. Offer any features that will be personally useful to you. Criticize those that are now, not forgetting to give arguments.

    I look forward to hearing from you any comments and suggestions in the comments to this post, in my habrahpost, by email. mail mail@top-50.ru, through the Reformal service .

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