21st Century Paper Letters

    The revival of paper correspondence in the 21st century on the site of Yuspa.ru! Now you can send a regular paper letter from the Internet without leaving your home! But why is this necessary when there is a cell phone, SMS, email, ICQ, various social networks and many other, more convenient forms of communication? But the whole point is that these are all types of communication, and paper letters are for the soul. I can guess what happens on your birthday. A bunch of SMS messages with short poems comes in, classmates have monotonous greetings and a couple of lines from friends from ICQ. All this in a day will be forgotten, deleted or lost in “spam”. Now imagine if in place of this you will receive real paper letters with congratulations, postcards and photos from your beloved people! What feelings you will experience, what emotions! Such letters will not immediately fly into the trash, but will remain in memory, and for a long time they will warm your soul with their heat. And this is not the only advantage of paper letters. Internet and mobile communications have not yet covered the entire territory of our country. Also, paper writing remains the only way for generations to communicate. Write a letter to a friend in the army, beloved grandparents, parents - all this is available with paper mail. Of course, such letters also have drawbacks. Therefore a new serviceYuspa.ru (http://www.yuspa.ru/) combines the simplicity and convenience of modern forms of communication and all the advantages of paper mail! You can evaluate all this right now, Yuspa.ru does not require registration and is available at any time.

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