Start of construction in the village of programmers

    The idea to build a cottage village in the outback for remote workers finally reached the construction stage. We were not able to get land from the administration and investments from developers, so we bought a plot and started building the infrastructure with our own money.

    Essence of the idea

    Living in a modern Russian city is a dubious pleasure. In an ordinary Russian village - even more so. And moving abroad “meet” is only suitable if you are ready to give up the Russian mentality and speak Thai with your children for the rest of your life.

    Therefore, the idea came up to make a cottage village in nature, "imprisoned" for remote workers - with all the necessary infrastructure and adequate prices. You can read more about the concept of the village on our website .

    I want to make a reservation right away that we did not focus on proximity to Moscow. Life in such a village is suitable only for those who really switched to udalenka and does not depend on regular meetings at work.

    Initially, we planned to agree on the allocation of land with the local administration, and on investments - with some developer or venture fund, but failed. Having stopped running with presentations in different classrooms, I managed to concentrate on my main job and earn money for land and initial development.


    As a result, we bought a small plot of 17 hectares a couple of kilometers from the town of Sloboda Kirov region. This is a glade on the shore of the Skokovsky Pond, surrounded on three sides by a pine forest, and on the fourth - limited by the coastline. All photos can be viewed on our instagram , and the location of the site - on Google Maps .

    View from the plot to the pond

    View from the plot to the pond

    View of the site from the pond

    When planning, we wanted to keep the shape of the horseshoe as suggested by the site. The result was 60 residential areas of 12 acres and three large public areas. The site has a detailed description of the layout .

    These plots will be sold at cost (cost of land + utilities divided by the number of plots). The price will include the summing up of the road, water supply, sewage, electricity and wired Internet. The exact cost will be known closer to the start of sales, while we can only orient - something around 150-200 tr. per plot.

    Land will be sold only with a contract - upon purchase you will have to choose a house project and pay for the first stage of construction work.


    Construction will be carried out by our construction company. The proposed technology is a frame with mineral wool as a heater. The whole village will be in a single architectural style, but each house will be made on an individual project.

    We are creating a construction company from scratch - now we are just rubbing against each other on the mini-hotel project and the infrastructure for a large subsidiary project - IT camping. The preliminary price that we hope to offer is from 15 to 20 tr. per sq.m. in a state of “fine finish”. This price is due to the cheapness of lumber (Kirov region is the largest supplier of wood) and the low margin level that we put into the company.

    IT camping

    In order to make a decision, whether our housing offer is suitable for you or not, it would be nice to live a week or two on the spot in human conditions and calmly weigh the pros and cons. To do this, we build several mini-hotels on the site, a small cafe and conduct Internet there.

    In addition to the “fitting” of housing, this project - the opportunity to break out of Moscow for a week with the whole family, to live in nature, and at the same time not to spend vacation at work - there will be full Internet access in the campsite.

    As an architectural prototype for a mini-hotel, we took the camping pod structure , greatly increased it and adapted it to our conditions. Now the first "number" is under construction. Here's what it looks like at the moment:

    By the way, a semicircular roof gives serious advantages - saving building materials, simplifying the process and better thermal insulation. If the end result is really worthy in quality and price, we can offer this technology for the construction of individual houses.

    Startup Accelerator

    It seems to us that IT camping in nature is a great opportunity for some startup accelerator. Most accelerators work with startups in short intensive sessions - and we propose to conduct these sessions in an exit format. This will save money and increase the productivity of startups.
    Office rental in MoscowCamping with us
    Startups at home distracted by ordinary household problemsThe hotel option eliminates domestic problems
    Startups spend time in traffic jamsOffice near the hotel
    Breathe exhaust, grow weak and witherAfter work - fresh air, the beach, walks in the forest
    Worth a lot of moneyDouble room for only 5000r per week.

    We are currently looking for an accelerator that will be interested in such an opportunity. In the event of successful negotiations, we will be able to quickly scale and accept dozens of startup teams and mentors.

    Dates and contacts

    Now we are undergoing a land surveying procedure, until the end of which we cannot sell land even by preliminary agreement. According to the plan, the survey should be completed by mid-July. A full launch of IT camping is planned for next year.

    To make a preliminary application for housing or to contact us, fill out the contact form on the website. We also recommend subscribing to our twitter and instagram

    Frequently Asked Questions Answered

    • The medicine. The village is a 5-minute drive from the town of Slobodsky with a central regional hospital and an hour's drive from Kirov - a city with a bunch of clinics, a new perinatal center and dozens of commercial medical centers.
    • School and kindergarten. The answer is similar to the question with medicine with one small exception - in the very near future we would like to make a school and a kindergarten in the village itself.

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