Massachusetts technology students are about to send a time capsule to Mars in 2017

    A team of students from MIT, Stanford, Duke University and Connecticut University will upload audio and video of seals from YouTube , photos and text messages into a time capsule and send them to Mars on a spaceship built on the basis of Cubesat microsatellites .

    Fortunately, sending a time capsule is not the only goal of the mission, despite the name Time Capsule to Mars . First of all, it is an opportunity to test new technologies of interplanetary flights: a ship actually composed of three 12-kilogram Cubesat satellites and plasma engines developed at MIT.

    In the event of a successful landing on Mars, the team will experience Internet technology for deep space and quartz storage mediathat theoretically can store terabytes of data for millions of years. They also plan to conduct experiments aimed at preparing the preservation of health by astronauts during future distant flights. In general, the ship is so full of innovations that it is hard to believe that it will take off.

    The name of the project is designed to slightly promote the very idea of ​​space travel: " remind people that we are moving into space in order to advance humanity ."

    The idea budget is estimated at $ 25 million, and many organizations are involved in its preparation, including NASA. If everything goes according to plan, the spaceship of the Time Capsule to Mars project will leave the Earth in 2017 with the message of humanity to itself in the future.

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