Globalstar Sat-Fi Satellite Router Distributes Internet to Ordinary Gadgets

    Now a satellite phone is not necessarily a prehistoric looking handset with a huge antenna - the Globalstar Sat-Fi router allows you to make satellite any smartphone or tablet on iOS or Android. It supports connecting up to eight devices at the same time, voice calls, mail and posting photos on Facebook.

    Sat-Fi works via Wi-Fi protocol through a special application. The user has exactly the options that are supported by him: mail, calls, social networks. This is probably due to the extremely low user speed available - 9.6 Kbps according to Engadget. A bit later there will be support for SMS and emergency calls, applications for Windows and Mac.

    You can buy Sat-Fi only in the USA for $ 999. The cost of services is from $ 1 / minute to unlimited for $ 150. The low-orbit constellation Glbalstar has 40 satellites.

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