7 tasks for marketing and management, solved in the CRM-system

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Today it is difficult to imagine effective marketing divorced from sales, service and information technology. A manager who dreams of having a holistic view of the company’s work and the contribution of each department in the near future will be able to simplify his life by using the latest tools to automate all business processes (sending, collecting and analyzing data) in a single data system. A marketer will be able to build a system of indicators of his work and automate routine tasks.
I would like to tell colleagues responsible for marketing and sales about one such system, its intellectual capabilities that we use in experience. ClickDimensions Integrated Internet Marketing Automation Solution is integrated with sales, marketing and service units withinMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Online 2013 .
What are the most efficient marketing tasks for ClickDimensions?

1. Creation of smart newsletters to inform customers
• Any structure and formatting in a convenient editor to choose from
• Personalization of any fields in a letter from your CRM
• Dynamic mailings for any segments
2. Visual analytics for newsletters in reports
• A / B testing of sales letters

• Infographics results, the map of clicks and rassharivaniya in social networks

• a detailed report on lidam, contacts or organizations

3. Creating Landing related to CRM and feedback forms for the site
• Rapid construction of structures
• Formatting and sprinkler , After sending a message
• Easy to add code to the site

4. Surveys and questionnaires customer response automation
The tool is in demand both by the marketing service and various managers to assess the level of customer service satisfaction, determine the level of loyalty, and questionnaire test groups for new products. You can quickly create a survey in a convenient editor and upload the results to Excel to build analytical reports.
It is possible to contact the contact in person when filling out the Comment field or to set up a business response process under certain conditions. For example, if it is difficult to get through, automatically propose alternative communication sources or send a task to the manager to call the specified contact back.

All data on the activities of your potential and current customers fall into the CRM-system and await the decisions of a marketer, seller, customer service specialist. You can prescribe business processes that create a task for specific managers and display alerts and the results of their implementation on the work area of ​​responsible employees.

5. WEB analytics of actions of known contacts
ClickDimensions monitors cookies of both your customers and visits of unknown visitors, and allows you to analyze their activity on the site: pages visited, length of stay, keywords, browser, login device. Directly from the analyst, you can go to the contact card and see his personal activity.
6. Mobile marketing and webinars
Allows you to send personalized SMS messages and see reports on them, as well as connect a service for conducting webinars, statistics on which will also be in CRM.
7. Assessment of the value and mood of the client, communication with sales and service departments
Ideally, the manager wants to see hundreds of emoticons of satisfied customers making profit at his workplace. Each dissatisfied employee should work on the basis of data on its value, rating and understanding of the reasons for its dissatisfaction. Promptly see the actions being taken at the moment to work with complex contacts and make key decisions based on them. It’s possible to customize CRM for your specific tasks, so unit managers will no longer be able to shift their tasks and the causes of failures to a neighboring department. Thus, an understanding of goals and the current situation will be directly reflected in the sales funnel and various reports collected in a personal presentation on the system’s desktop.

In addition, the efficiency of internal communications is expanding thanks to the capabilities of Yammer's integrated social network CRM, which allows you to maintain and store correspondence of remote employees.
Extensive integration opportunities in the CRM-system of additional tools can solve other marketing problems. For example, to build the SaleSpring contact database - a universal service for searching potential customers and partners in the B2B segment, and for the B2C segment to connect Microsoft Social Listening - a social network monitoring system.
What is the advantage of ClickDimensions over various mailing and analytics systems? It allows you to:
1. maximally effectively accumulate and use information on customers and calls in one place;
2. to unite the efforts of the marketing and sales departments to reduce the time of sale and “nurture” the largest number of leads (contacts) to active and regularly buying customers;
3. Automate the results of companies for leadership, demonstrating the impact of marketing and the effectiveness of marketing investments.

Svetlana Erofeeva,
Marketing Director,
Integrator and Consultant
, Practician Settlement Center , Microsoft partner, ClickDimensions and SaleSpring

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