Jetpack Pilots: Frankie Zapata

    Today marks 40 years of French engineer-inventor Frankie Zapata . He began his extreme career as a racer on water scooters, then became involved in water jetpacks and redeveloped to a fiery turbojet flying platform.


    Frankie Zapata developed 5.5 products:


    Under the cat - the chronology of key videos of his achievements (many videos).


    From 2007 to 2010 - a few videos where young Frankie rides on water bikes (and even exploded once).



    Чемпионат Европы

    Ничего интересного, брызги и рев.




    Взорвался мотор Arbatax UIM world championship

    The beginning of the era of soaring in the water jet stream.

    2011 - Flyboard

    more tuning for jet skis

    2012 - worldwide distribution and acrobatics

    The toy turned out well, Frankie even learned to do back flips. Double.

    We gather like-minded people all over the world:


    Frankie conceived something and shared in an interview:

    2014 - Hoverboard ZR

    A hoverboard, like a flyboard, works from a jet ski, only it has no shoes and the nozzle is directed not downwards like a flyboard, but backwards, which gives speed and height. Hoverboard is able to rise into the air to a height of 6 meters, and the speed of movement can reach 40 km / h. Load capacity: up to 110 kg. The range of required power of a water bike: 180-300 l. with.

    2015 - the first non-aqueous samples

    Frankie made a flying platform on impellers on a thick, thick electric cable. (I approximately thought I needed 1 kiloampere and 50 volts for such a thing.)

    2015 - Jetpack ZR

    This jetpack, only water. (Available at the box office in Moscow.)


    2016 - Flyboard Air


    First flight April 9, 2016:

    - 10 minutes of flight
    - speed up to 150 km / h
    - 3 km flight range

    Guinness World Record

    (Farthest flight in hoverboard)
    Frankie Zapata was able to fly
    2252.4 meters on his Flyboard UFO hoverboard . The achievement was recorded in France on April 30, 2016.

    360 ° video

    “Alo, we are looking for talents”

    Flying on the stage on gas.

    Exclusive interview:

    (who knows French, help translate)

    2017 - FLYRIDE




    2017 - EZ Fly

    EZ Fly is an advanced modification of the Flyboard Air. Several key upgrades - and Frankie has developed air transport that is easy to fly and learn quickly, and as safe as ever in the history of vertical take-off vehicles. Even a non-pilot can master this thing. Advanced stabilization and triple redundancy reduce risk, even for non-pilots.


    Possible uses:


    Still beautiful flights:

    Sion Airshow 2017.

    Night flight.


    Marseille, sea, sunset, Zapata.

    Once upon a time in Mexico.

    Grand Prix Formule 1.


    (Very well, you can see the starting podium)

    Grand Prix Moto.

    360 ° crazy video.

    Sara park.

    Green Lamborghini.

    Cannes, Redbull Air Race, "view from the eyes"



    Happy birthday, Frankie!
    Thank you for the inspiration.


    You can follow how we are doing the first Russian turbojet vertical take-off here:
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