Wall out of the box: DARPA placed an order for a self-propelled obstacle

    An application for the creation of the BlockADA system - BlockADE (Block Access to Deny Entry), which, according to the description, should be a compact device that turns into a volumetric obstacle at the touch of a button, has appeared on the website of the US Government Procurement .

    Simply put, the Darpe needs an inflatable wall that will not be inflatable (well, or inflatable, but so that it cannot be punctured with a needle - or even better bulletproof, suggests Engadget), deployed at the touch of a button, and not as it is now - with the efforts of soldiers carrying sandbags or camping tents.

    Next comes the argument that such a contraption can be useful for a variety of purposes - from the barrier to the construction of temporary buildings. All this reminded me of an idea turned inside out from the legendary advertisement of Motorola:

    Also popular now: