Useful materials for the mobile developer # 58 (June 16-22)

    The two main news of this week is the first Amazon smartphone and the breakthrough of the Yo application to the top of the App Store (with a return on investment of $ 1 million). In addition, there is an interesting description of the Metal API, a study of bank applications from UsabilityLab, an entertaining visual analysis of the Top 500 highest-grossing Android applications, several new tools.

    The simplest app sending the word “Yo” to contacts earned $ 1 million and made it into the top 10 App Store apps in the US

    It seems that users do not need so much. The fact is that the other day the Yo application, sending a corresponding exclamation / message to its contacts, was included in the top 10 most popular applications in the App Store (USA). Plus, there was an investor who invested $ 1 million in this application.

    Amazon introduced its smartphone Fire Phone

    In the very first hours after the release, the smartphone became a bestseller. The number of devices on pre-order is limited, it may not be enough for everyone ( video presentation on YouTube ).

    All are equal, but some are equal or Is it possible to spam on Google Play

    If they say that this can be done, then maybe someday I myself will use this method of publication. But I really would not want such a development option. If they say that you can’t do this, then I will continue the correspondence in the spirit of “Why are the comrades from more equal than the others”.

    Apple Metal API: what's the big deal?

    This announcement triggered a new wave of discussion and debate about the need for new graphics APIs that should (or shouldn't - who knows) replace OpenGL. This post does not intend to participate in this discussion - its purpose is to clarify how Metal differs from OpenGL ES, whose replacement it is.




    Marketing and monetization

    Will be:



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