How we create the best service for choosing credit cards in RuNet

    After we uncovered the secrets of interest-free periods of credit cards , introduced you to the features of opening cards abroad , spoke about the prospects of the Chinese Unionpay payment system in Russia , it's time to talk about ourselves: a credit- credit card selection service .

    Since there are more than one such services in Runet, when developing our project, we started with a detailed analysis of competitors. Credit cards are the most popular product. You can argue on the topic “is it permissible to live beyond one's means”, but sometimes it can be extremely convenient to be able to spend money of a bank (albeit with a return). Especially considering the variety of bonuses and promotions that come with many credit cards. However, navigating the whole variety of cards, tariffs and banks is not easier than understanding the various tariffs of mobile operators.

    In addition to the “pages for making money” that are absolutely useless for the user, which simply clog search results, created only for redirecting users to bank sites using referral links, without creating any added value, there are quite useful and respectable services in RuNet.

    First of all, these are the relevant sections of the sites and , as well as specialized resources: ,

    We studied them all to make a project that will surpass them in quality and convenience. And it seems to us that, thanks to our imprisonment under a narrow subject, we succeeded. Judge for yourself:

    We have

    The most complete database of cards in Runet : usually sites give out a limited selection of recommended cards, and we offer the maximum selection. To do this, we manually collected a base of tariffs for 1200 cards and regularly check it.

    Advanced search , which includes selection options that no one else has in Runet:

    1. Search for express cards (metro)
    2. 3D secure
    3. OPC ATM network
    4. Magnetic strip or chip
    5. PayPass and PayWave
    6. Individual design
    7. Bonuses (all cards with bonus miles)

    Rating - cards are divided into categories, it’s quite convenient to look at cards, for example, by cash back or to accumulate bonus miles - we immediately see how the points are calculated.

    Knowledge base: we constantly write articles on our profile. We have descriptions of loyalty programs of payment systems, banks; map reviews. All texts are written by people with financial education or with work experience in a bank.

    Daily data update: we process press releases every day and display current promotions, news.

    Comparison of cards (which can be used to select a card is more profitable than yours) - shows the calculation of the amount of savings.


    • Calculation of the amount that the bank can give you. Payout calculation
    • Selection of a card by profile.
    • The nearest ATMs on the map.
    • Display cards available only in the city of the user.

    How do we live

    Like other similar services, we earn on CPA programs of banks - we are paid for referred customers. Therefore, if you decide to get a credit card - find it through our website . But unlike many other sites, we were initially aimed at providing users with the best service: therefore, we collected the maximum base of cards, and not just those that generate income. The main source of traffic for us right now is search.


    At the same time, we are working to constantly improve our service: in particular, we plan to add debit cards. And we will be glad to your ideas and suggestions.

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