The simplest app sending the word “Yo” to contacts earned $ 1 million and made it into the top 10 App Store apps in the US

    There are a lot of publications on Habré about marketing in the world of mobile applications, and about how to interest the user with his application. There are publications with success stories, and there are articles with the story of their mistakes, which led to failure.

    It seems that users do not need so much. The fact is that the other day the Yo application, sending a corresponding exclamation / message to its contacts, was included in the top 10 most popular applications in the App Store (USA). Plus, there was an investor who invested $ 1 million in this application.


    Apparently, the background of this application is very prosaic . CEO Mobli asked the developer Or Arbel (Or Arbel) to create an application that would allow without unnecessary gestures to contact the assistant.

    It took the developer about eight hours to create this application, which was then posted on the App Store and suddenly became popular. At the moment, more than 50 thousand users have sent more than a million messages of the same type to their friends and acquaintances. The application is installed on tens of thousands of phones, and the developer plans to monetize his application (by making it a notification platform offered to companies).

    Via theverge

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