Management tools: Mammoth as the main principle of team building

    After the publication of materials on management tools, some readers blamed us that we write a lot about working with people, but rarely touch on the topic of teams. And while there is a mega-competition of stories about what we learn from leaders and colleagues , we decided to make some materials on the topic of teams.

    Let's start with the story. A few years ago we ended up having a beer with the executive director of a large company. And traditionally, instead of drinking beer, they began to discuss various managerial problems. The problem that their shareholders faced was as old as the world.

    The company at that time had four divisions. Each ideologically and technically separate, each worked on its own market segment. The problem was that the executive director did not succeed in building a team of the leaders of these divisions. Each pulled a blanket over himself, each was a little king in his small kingdom.

    It got to the point that one manager was going to leave, together with the entire unit, in a separate company. Actually, after discussing this threat with the shareholders, the executive director came for a beer.

    In the discussion process, we came to the conclusion that the management team does not have a mammoth. It sounds strange - but we would like to talk about the Mammoth team building concept today.

    12 minutes SlavaPankratovtalks about the main, from our point of view, the concept of team building. At least, in fact, when we work with various management (especially management!) Teams, we very often rest in the absence of a mammoth. And here is a mammoth, when people are ready to unite a team, and why newcomers are rejected - we’ll talk about this.

    The text here is not so brightly revealed, animation is important there in the middle. :)

    Perhaps when watching the video you will recognize your team, you will understand that you just don’t have a mammoth right now, or maybe you can even identify it. There are no teams without a mammoth; there is such a conviction.

    PS In that story with the executive director, everything ended well. :) In the next video, we’re thinking about the topic of team dynamics ...

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