Just for Fun. The story of an accidental revolutionary

    Publisher: Eksmo-Press, 2002
    Author: Linus Torvalds and David Diamond
    . Dust jacket, 288 pages
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    I am very pleased that the past recommended the book to the taste much, so I decided to offer to your attention another beautiful book.
    It will appeal to those who have no idea what Linux is and those who are well versed in it.

    " Just for Fun"- a mixture of Linus’s biography with discussions about technologies and ways of their development. Here are a lot of biographical details, small details that give a vivid idea of ​​this most famous Finnish in the world. The book allows you to look into his creative kitchen (or rather, the bedroom - because it’s in the bedroom the first versions of Linux were written) and understand how, under its influence, modern ideas about the principles of creating software products have changed;

    For readers inexperienced in programming, Torvalds unfolds a fascinating story of his life. This is the story of a young man who, despite the rapid rise of his career, did not feel dizzy. A healthy sense of humor and a sober approach to himself help Linus to stand firmly on the ground. His story is full of entertaining facts and predictions about the technological progress and future of mankind. Linus even makes a half-joking attempt to uncover the meaning of life.

    For techies, this is a report on one of the most interesting computer projects. The initiator of this project explains in detail how from a dozen toy hackers Linux has turned into a powerful tool used by large corporations. Linus simply and intelligibly describes the history of the system and the principles of its operation, without overloading readers with abstruse terminology. Along the way, he shares with readers his ideas about the future of Linux and the computer industry as a whole.

    I reread this book 2 times (judging by the comments on books.ru and ozon, I was not the only one who reread it) and I really liked it. From it you can make a lot of interesting and useful for yourself.

    PS It is almost impossible to find in printed form, I recommend to be content with what is. I read it on my device in .fb2 format

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