Skype Gateway <--> SIP for SIPNET Users

    SIPNET begins testing the new service “Call from SIPNET to Skype and vice versa”.

    Users of the SIPNET network operating in the open SIP standard and proprietary Skype can now call each other completely free of charge.
    All connections between SIPNET and Skype subscribers are not charged.

    Free call from SIPNET to a Skype subscriber:
    To call a Skype contact from SIPNET, enter the address in the format (or If your SIP terminal (program or SIP phone) only supports digital input, enter this address in your phone book and use the speed dial codes - * XX.

    In the Skype network, the gateway for access to SIPNET has the identifier Advise a Skype user to add this name to his contact list in advance (including for feedback).

    Transmission of text messages, files and videos is not supported.
    Skype OUT is not supported.

    Free Skype call to SIPNET subscriber:
    To call SIPNET contacts from Skype, enter in the Skype contact list. To call a SIPNET subscriber, select from the Skype contact list and press the “Call” key. After a voice greeting from the system, press the Add Phone Number key and enter the digital SIP ID of the called party.

    Skype version 3.x allows you to type numbers from the keyboard immediately after establishing a connection. In Skype 4.x, after establishing a connection, you must additionally call the dialer. To do this, press the key (triangle) to the right of the volume control and in the drop-down menu, click the "Dial" section and enter the digital SIP ID of the called subscriber.

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