How to honestly work as a freelancer in Belarus?

    Due to the arrival of PayPal in Belarus , there is another way to become attached to the international market and withdraw money earned on freelance. Of course, there is a desire to work honestly and pay taxes in order to avoid all kinds of difficulties with the law. However, after a short discussion with familiar IT specialists, I realized that not one of them has a complete picture. Someone says that it is necessary to conclude acts on each fact of work and almost send checks by mail to customers from abroad, someone says that this is called “income from abroad” and this is generally a separate compote, someone it just scored and displays everything black.

    Unfortunately, I myself do not have sufficient aggregate knowledge on the topic, so I suggest that the Belarusian habrasociety share knowledge with each other. I think this problem is not close to me alone, so I ask you to express any of your freelance experiences in the comments (the more specifics, the better).

    For starters, I will give my example with oDesk:
    I recently work through oDesk not so long ago. An amount of money has already accumulated in my oDesk account, which I would like to receive in my hands. oDesk offers several ways that are available including in Belarus:
    • Payoneer: we order a card directly on the payoneer website, confirm our identity with a passport scan and wait for the card to arrive by mail. A card costs $ 30 per year + commission for each withdrawal in the region of $ 3. Money can be withdrawn at any ATM with Maestro card support.
    • PayPal: from day to day it will become possible to link the card of any Belarusian bank to PayPal and drive finances back and forth (as I understand it). A one-time withdrawal of money from PayPal in Lithuania, for example, costs around $ 3, so you can hope that in Belarus there will be a similar price. Total: card per year from $ 0 per year + commission for withdrawals of ~ 3 $. Money can be withdrawn at any ATM where your card is serviced.

    The above refers only directly to the issue of withdrawal of funds, however, there is still such an aspect as taxes. I would like to work legally, so in any case, you need to open an IP and follow some of the taxation schemes. Most adhere to two:
    • Simplified: you pay 5% of revenue.
    • Single tax: currently paying around 600k BYR per month, regardless of income.

    And here the circus begins: they all unanimously say that it will not work out cleanly, that the tax one will still find something to complain about. We share successful, and even better unsuccessful experience, gentlemen!

    PS: if the text describes some aspect incorrectly, for comments, I’ll fix it.
    PPS: I understand that it’s not exactly the Habr format, but the maximum target audience is here.

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    Do you pay taxes from freelance activities?

    • 20.4% Crying and no problems 46
    • 3.1% Crying and problems were 7
    • 73.7% I do not cry and there were no problems 166
    • 2.6% I do not cry and there were problems 6

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