NASA sends 3D printer to ISS

    3D printers are becoming more and more popular, this is no longer a geek toy, but a very serious work tool. So serious that he will soon be sent to the ISS to print spare parts and tools.

    This is a custom printer, since it must meet many requirements, and the device is made by the startup Made In Space. The device has already passed the test in the space center of Marshall . Checks were very diverse, including conditions such as acceleration and weightlessness.

    Before the astronauts can use the printed parts, the first, test batch, will be sent to Earth, for a detailed check. Still, one thing is verification in terrestrial conditions, and another is working in orbit, where any defect can be fatal.

    The printer will be installed in the MSG module, and its first work in orbit will be printing 21 tools and spare parts. The device will arrive on the ISS in August, along with other payload sent into orbit by the Space X Falcon 9 rocket.

    In general, the operation of such a device in orbit makes sense: astronauts will be able to quickly make the necessary things, rather than wait, until something that the ISS team needs arrives in orbit with the next flight. It seems that the material for the 3D printer on the ISS will be delivered in sufficient quantities for long work.

    By the way, among other things, the astronauts will also receive a coffee machine designed specifically for the ISS:


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