Is FGHI a lifelong affair?


    We almost missed a significant date in the history of the domestic development of the Hypertext Vector Fidonet.

    According to historical fact, fidoshnik and blogger Sergey “Mithgol the Webmaster” widely known in certain circles, Sokolov ( mithgol ) July 5, 2006, wrote on his blog, which read: “The Russian Research Institute for the Development of Public Networks approved my application for domain registration .ru and, which I intend to use in the second half of July as part of the Fidonet Global Hypertext Interchange project . "

    Three years have passed since then. During this time, attempts were made, or as Sergey calls them “milestones,” to change something and write, in the end, at least a couple of lines of code. Let me remind you that the idea of ​​the Civil Air Fleet is not so bad: it was recognized by President Medvedev himself, but that was all.

    Very interesting is the opinion of the public on these issues. The first and the main one is whether Mitzgol will complete his creation. The second, no less important - the prospects of this project, whether someone will need it in ten thousand years, when it will be completed.The third question is whether the project will not suffer the fate of the state project with all the consequences that follow (everyone knows the story of “educational” discs and, in general, the negligence and dullness of officials regarding the latest information technologies and developments)?

    These are the questions that concern me tonight. Sorry if something is wrong. I ask you to express your opinion - it is very important, at least for me and a couple of dozens of Kashchenites (as far as I know, they do not exist at all) of interested people.


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