Php 5.3 hosting

    Tracking blogs about web development, I suddenly found that everyone was waiting for the release of a certain php-5.3. Naturally, this could not but interest me as a hoster. I looked at the list of new features ... Reverse incompatibility really bribed. In general, I believe that it is not necessary to drag any ancient dregs. More than 100 bug fixes have been announced on the site, which means that dozens of new bugs will not let me get bored. And it was completely impossible to get past the long-awaited goto operator . At first I thought it was a mistake . It seemed to me that a company with the name “Deep Forest” urgently needed to have a language with such an operator in its assets.

    You won’t believe it, but for the first time I collected php “hands”. Previously, all of the FreeBSD ports set. To assemble a new development with your hands is, of course, the admin's dream. Especially at the weekend.

    A funny effect was when, after spending half a day with the experimental support of the Apache, who understands everything and is silent, I spat on it and put it together with the usual one. Everything works. Already rubbing my hands, I suddenly see ... no, you can’t even imagine ... phpinfo () breaks off exactly half. This is the first time in 7 years. Well, at least kill - half and that's it. The decision came at night in a dream. Like a periodic table. It turned out that sqlite2 is somehow crookedly supported. Morning killed in search of how to isolate it from there, leaving support for sqlite3.

    And now - bingo! php-5.3 is installed on the hosting to the joy of the afflicted new.
    As with everything archinic, I would add boobs to this, but unfortunately I did not find it. That's always the case, in a stripped-down version ...

    So, php 5.3 right now . You can try out the new MySQl Native Driver, functional programming through closures and getting out of them with the goto operator in your namespace

    PS Can someone tell me why open_base_dir is needed in the PHP_INI_ALL variant? ..
    PPS Now everything depends on the boobs, only from them.

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