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    Thoughts inspired by the post Stephen Hawking calls for an upgrade to DNA .

    I will say in advance, I like the idea of ​​an upgrade. I would like to live happily ever after, be incredibly smart and strong. And so that my relatives and friends and just good people would have the same thing. I would make discoveries, and finish them myself even after 100-200 years. I would explore space.

    But firstly, any person is good until a certain moment, especially until he has an advantage over the others. And secondly, it won’t be that simple.

    If we didn’t live in 2009, but in the year in which DNA upgrade laboratories open tomorrow, I would not want to live there. I would not like to observe the withering race.

    Option 1.

    Yes Yes. It is the withering of the human race, for what scientists give rise to upgrades will no longer be a man. This will definitely be a new race ... Perhaps some time after upgrades, humanity may come to a state in which the new race will be beautiful and self-sufficient.

    But the transition period will definitely be disgusting.
    Most people are by no means idealists or socialists, and I don’t think that they will change in 200-300-500 years.
    Such large-scale research will be carried out by corporations, huge money will be invested in development ... and, do not you think that corporations will give each inhabitant the perfect upgrade?
    Also, such upgrades will not go unnoticed by the military.

    Most likely, and as it is now - first the elite will receive the magic pill, for a lot of big money.
    Rulers will gain longevity. Generals will gain a powerful tactical tool in their heads.
    Hosts of corporations will also upgrade.
    And so on ... the color of the financial and scientific nation of the planet will be transformed, acquiring perhaps very useful properties ... for themselves.
    But most likely the upgrades will not become massive, why so - below.

    What will be left to people with a small income?
    They will remain aware that the already large gap between the poor population is increasing by 100%. Yes that trifles, at 10,000%.
    If in our "democratic" time, almost every person, even from the slums, trying, pushing his elbows, possessing a bright head, can break through to the top. That in a world where there are long-livers, people with an improved brain - people from below will no longer pass. Why are they?

    There are a thousand elected engineers, lawyers, doctors, or any other specialists of that time. Why take the risk of picking new ones from the poor? There is an established loyal gene pool, from them you can get guaranteed high-quality offspring. (Yes, I’m talking about children in this version of the future as offspring, a product, and they can be compared with puppies. Who will lead a great bitch (dog) to a mate with a male with an unknown line? Nobody. That's right.) At this pace, society will come to a frank fascism. The ruling race of superhumans and the rest of the mass, possibly even slaves.

    This is a cruel argument, but such a result in people is quite likely.

    Option 2.

    DNA improvements will smoothly develop and come to ordinary people. Anyone paying insurance or even so will be able to get an upgrade. What will happen? Billions of superhuman subconsciously hungry for blood and power. Well, you can, of course, not give upgrades to criminals and psychologically unstable individuals. But again, it looks like fascism. A total war of annihilation is likely.

    Option 3
    Happy End!

    PS in general there are a lot more options, but the first 2 are most likely in my opinion.

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